Hailey Muller

Hailey Muller is making a name for herself in the Fashion world of Facebook Groups and on Instagram. I meet her through a Facebook Modeling Group. ( Which I’m no longer part of lol ) She Hailey has been pushing not her modeling profession.But her abilities to make events happen for up coming Models to Photographer’s as well as Make Up Artists also which includes stylists and unique photo sets and scenery.

Hailey Muller is one of the Youngest Event Coordinator I have meet in Las Vegas. And Seems to me to be the one the most professional’s in the field I seen so far. I have seen plenty of them wanna mostly on face book groups and such. I went to one of her events and was pretty Impressed by what she put together.

I had the Opportunity to go one of her events with my assistant The Social Junkie.

Which was themed out for Picnic scene’s , which the models came’d dressed with picnic products as well did the photographer’s who showed up as well. I meet some really nice photographer’s and models.

Funny thing is I also meet up with one of my clients at this particular event! Model Personality for The Fashion Radio Hunnnie Ghurl. Which we both agree we are sooo going to be getting one these peacocks for the poolside lol !.Seriously though Hailey is pushing forward into becoming one the very at what she is doing.

Hailey is doing a’lot more than most models or photographer’s than I know. For her age , her drive is Impressive. I don’t know many her age doing anything on her level. It isn’t easy getting people together from all sorts of back ground to make a successful event. People have things do!

Even those in the professional whelm of Modeling and Photography. There are the constant hunt for paid shoots and photo work. I have been to a few other photo events , not by Hailey and I was simply not Impressed. Most was just wanna be models getting naked , photographer’s shooting really nonsense photo work lol. I would those photo events a waste of time as well for True Professionals of the Industry of Modeling.

Hailey Events are the Opposite of those other’s I went too .She is pretty set to making the her events not just a successful one. But she Successfully wants everyone who is part of her events. For everyone to have a successful photo shoot as well networking with everyone.

Hailey is determined to become Successful Model as well as Event Coordinator.

I can say if Hailey keeps pushing forward at what all she is doing. It’s just a matter of time before she gets to where she wants to be .

I look forward to seeing her grace the cover of Fashion Magazine or even guest starring on some hit tv show. I’m dead serious about this kid , Hailey has something rare about herself. That at her age don’t , It’s called direction , and she continues to be making smart choices as well. I wish her the very best and will continue a up date on her success! Until Next Instablog

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  1. Yes this is a beautiful girl not only on the outside but on the inside as well.Definately has dedication and that goes along way when she keeps everything in order is always pleasant to everyone and carries all the responsibilities she does.Not only does she work full time she attends college full time.and
    models and manages to do these model meet ups as often as possible.

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